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Getting Your Passes

Are there Day Passes for Sandbox Festival?
Yes, Day Passes will be released soon. Click here to get your passes now!
Can I pay for my Sandbox Festival passes in installments?
We partnered up with Sympl to split the cost of your passes with their payment plans at 0% interest!
Can I get a refund on my pass?
Passes are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable. This means that you cannot redeem your purchase after it has been finalised, you cannot exchange your pass for another pass, and you cannot give your pass to someone else.

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Getting to Sandbox

Do I need a visa to come to Egypt?
Most countries can easily obtain a visa-on-arrival at different airports in Egypt. Check out this link for more information.
Do I have to be vaccinated to visit Egypt?
As of 17 June 2022, all COVID-19 vaccination and testing restrictions have been lifted. You do not need to be vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 to enter Egypt.

Currently, we do not impose any COVID-19 vaccination restrictions to enter our festival.

The only possible vaccination required to enter Egypt is yellow fever vaccination if you are traveling from or transited for 12 hours in an airport of a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission. For a list of said countries, please follow this link.
How do I get to Sandbox Festival?
Hurghada International Airport (HRG) is a 30-minute drive from El Gouna and welcomes international as well as domestic flights. Private taxis to El Gouna are available on arrival at the airport.

If you can’t find direct flights to HRG, we recommend transiting through Cairo International Airport (CAI) - Egypt’s biggest airport.

If you plan to take a bus from Cairo to El Gouna, we recommend GoBus - one of Egypt’s biggest bus transport services that takes customers to and from hundreds of locations across Egypt in all the major cities.

Within El Gouna, tuk-tuks and Ubers are readily available to take you wherever you need to go. You can also rent cars, scooters, and bicycles from Downtown - fifteen minutes from our doors.
Click here for flights to Egypt via Egyptair

Getting In

How do I get into Sandbox Festival?
After submitting your reservation and finalizing your payment through this link, your pass will be delivered to you via email as proof of payment and will be available on your account on the official Sandbox Festival App. Download the app here, sign-in and click ‘Activate Pass’ on the home page. Check in to the festival by presenting your pass at the door to receive your bracelet.
Do I need my ID to receive my Sandbox Festival bracelet?
You will not be able to check in to the festival without your activated pass and valid photo ID. Your ID must match the name on your pass.

Currently, we do not impose any vaccination restrictions to enter our festival.

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Food and Amenities at Sandbox

Is there food at the Festival?
Guests at Sandbox Festival can treat themselves to a variety of food options at our food court. Last edition, we offered everything from vegan options to pizza to ice cream and popsicles. The food court is running from the moment our doors open until the very end of the Festival.
Is there somewhere I can store my possessions while I’m partying?
350 lockers are available for rent on-ground. Ask about our lockers at our cashbox when you arrive. But keep in mind that they do sell out fast! Come early on the first day to guarantee a locker.

Money at Sandbox

What currencies are accepted at Sandbox Festival?
We accept US Dollars, Euros, Great British Pounds and UAE Dirhams.
Do I need cash at Sandbox Festival?
No, you do not need any cash at our Festival! Use your credit card to top up your account through our Sandbox App or at our cashbox stations.
Where can I exchange my country’s currency for Egyptian Pounds in El Gouna?
You can exchange foreign currency at HSBC, CIB, Arab African International Bank, Bank Audi, Credit Agricole and Banque Misr branches around El Gouna. Some hotels also offer currency exchange at favorable rates.

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Phone Usage and Electronics

Will I be able to use my phone and use the internet in El Gouna?
Although El Gouna is considered a remote location, network connection and 4G internet are perfectly functional. You will find Wifi provided by hotels and some restaurants around the Marina and Downtown.

If you wish to purchase an Egyptian sim card, visit the ‘Orange’ telecom stores located in the Marina and Downtown.
What power adapter should I pack for Egypt?
Egypt operates on a 220V supply voltage and uses type C power adapters - the ones with two round pins. This is the same power adapter type used in many parts of Continental Europe.

Health & Safety

Is Egypt safe?
In 2022, around 5 million tourists visited Egypt from abroad. According to state government websites and travel guides, Egypt is generally safe and has a low crime rate.
Is there a clinic at Sandbox Festival?
Our Sandbox Festival Clinic runs from opening time all the way until closing. Doctors are well-equipped and experienced in handling situations that may arise at music events.

Ambulances are always readily available outside our doors to take any extreme cases to El Gouna Hospital - just ten minutes away.

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