Sebzz B2B Ouzo


More than 12 years on from Ahmed El Sebai recording his first mix tape, fate finally grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and sat him down infront of a pair of CDJs. After listening, experiencing and waiting for all these years, the result is an exceptional and diverse taste of Deep Tech, Nu Disco, Indie dance & Techno. His adept ability to tune-in to a crowd has seen the ego-less DJ make a name for himself of late and since last year his 'House of Sebzz' sets have set Cairo's party hungry scene ablaze. Good things come to those who wait, and Sebzz is just getting started. Ouzo grew up in the club scene, ad has been in the profession since 2000. He held the prestigious residency at the premier party of Pacha Sharm El Sheikh. He moved to Cairo in 2015, where he started to get inspired by new sounds from ethinc multicultural electronic wave. He started a series of podcasts on soundcloud called Tarabeen, well known for it's flawless mix and story telling.



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