In a time where Cairo dance floors seemed like they lost their fuel, alexandrian native DJ, Mady and his capital city peers found their own way of recharging and energizing dance spaces with a wide-selection ranging from the era 80-00s house, breaks, techno & everything in between. Mady discovered his love for spacey & intricate sounds topped by percussive grooves turned and fueled by dark & evil techno/electro Ever since, Mady has been on a never ending voyage of this obscure record hunt. Fast-forward 5 years later, Mady’s sound identity continues to develop and mature along his voyage of sound exploration making him an innovator in his local scene. His drive got him to share decks with internationally renowned artists such as Apollonia, Quest, Amir Javasoul, Archie Hamilton, Chris Stussy, Bodin, & Hicham.



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